Samozdrav helps people to gain health !

Samozdrav helps people to gain health !

The physiological researches of healthy and chronically sick people tell that the last have one common feature – low concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in blood owing to increased breathing level – Chronic Hyperventillation Syndrome. The low concentration of CO2 in blood results into spasm of microvessels (arterioles) which leads to metabolic disturbances. Let us consider the possible consequences of that.

  • The constriction of micro-vessels of the brain is the cause of bad brain’s blood supply. It is the source of such illnesses as dizziness, insomnia, migraine, a memory weakness. All these symptoms inevitably leads to stroke in the long run.
  • Constricted micro-vessels of heart is source for arising the various illness of heart because cells of heart muscular (i.e. myocard) and coronary arteris don’t get normal oxygen supply. In most cases in is the source for myocardial infarction.
  • In case of asthma the source of illness is the same. The asthmatics bronchioles are genetically predisposed to constrict very much more effectively in response to over ventilation than for non-asthmatics.
  • The constriction of micro-vessels leads to increasing of vessels peripheral resistance. For this reason the arterial blood pressure is raised , the heart exertion is much increased, thus heart pain evoke. On this background the casual stress may provoke infarction or apoplectic stroke.
  • A low level of CO2 leads to acid-alkaline imbalance (alkalosis) of blood and tissues. This leads to developing of atherosclerosis, arthritis, and stones in organs.

What about drugs people are using for treatment chronic diseases? The main defect of all drugs and recipes is but one – they gives temporary relief only. They all have unhealthy by-effects. People get used to them and must change them periodically. Worst of all – all known drugs can’t influence on source of chronic diseases !

Breathing device, named Samozdrav, uses method of physiological training of the whole organism. Medical investigations of the people having used this method give fancy results: the organism 50 – 60-year’s people begins to work almost as at 25-year’s ! Millions people in Russia have used breathing device Samozdrav to treat hypertension, asthma and others chronic diseases .

The Samozdrav Breathing Training Device is a medical product. Registration Certificate No. РЗН 2014/1595 dated May 7, 2014 is issued by the Russian Federal Service for Healthcare Supervision. The efficiency of the training device was confirmed by clinical trials performed at the  “Academician Shumakov Federal Scientific Center for Transplantology and Artificial Organs”. It’s using does not need special doctor’s prescribing to begin with.