„Samozdrav“device annotation

Apparatus “Samozdrav” is a special breathing device, created by N. A. Agadžianian, academician in academy of medical studies and his colleagues from Samara. It was developed to naturally, without any medicine help eliminate the main reason for cardio – vascular disease – the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) amount in the arterial blood. The device contains two parts – the main part: kapnicator (trainer), which is meant to increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood and kapnometr (gauge), which is meant to measure your breathing level and carbon dioxide amount in the blood.

Kapnicator is officially called “trainer – physical imitator” (TPI) because using this device causes changes in your body similar to the ones caused by physical exercise, for ex-ample, running no less than 5 kilometers everyday or doing yoga exercises. But these exer-cises require more time and huge effort of will. Breathing through the device only 30 min a day in a calm, regular way, without specially holding your breath makes the carbon dioxide level rise in your blood (depending on the regulation, but not more that the norm of 6,5%).

Using the other part of the product (kapnometr) you can easily measure your own car-bon dioxide level rise in your blood, breathing intensity and observe its normalization process 1time per 2 month.

So, TPI – kapnicator is a product of physiology studies and engineering creation. It helps restore and strengthen your health without using any medication. Such factors as the lack of movement (hypodinamia), various stressful situations, nervous tension and other bad living conditions have a bad influence on the human body – veins start getting narrower, the blood pressure rises (hypertension). It only takes one little short breathing exercise a day and your breathing intensity (in a calm condition) will normalize in a few months.

This simple 30-60 min breathing procedure brings the veins to a normal condition in 4 – 10 months so then there is no need for the vein – dilative medication. A strain on the heart, blood pressure normalizes. Blood circulation in the brain, heart and all the other organs becomes normal too. The threat of having a heart attack or a stroke disappears. A good blood circulation is an important preventive measure to avoid breathing system, heart, vein system, alimentary tract, movement and other dysfunctions that are caused by bad circulatory system work and muscle spasms.

Blood micro-circulation improvement can help cure a lot of illnesses, such as hyperten-sion, heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, insomnia, allergy, migraine, arthritis, prostatic pain, colitis, hardened voiding, peptic (gastric) ulcer, II type diabetes. Doing the breathing exercise strengthens the body immune system and helps you prevent all kinds of infectious disease, flu and so on.

This breathing device will help some people totally improve their health. For some people the device will not be as useful (depending on the cause of the disease, organism pos-sibilities, strong will and other conditions). But the practice shows that doing these breathing exercises always helps to improve your life quality, normalize the breathing and strongly re-duced the need to use medicine.

“Samozdrav” special features are simplicity and availability to anyone. This product can be used by anyone of any age because breathing device does not require any physical or strong will efforts… You don’t waist your time cause during the breathing exercise you can watch television, read a paper and so on.

Once you have purchased a breathing device “Samozdrav” make sure you carefully read and study the device passport and all the instructions with illustrations which explain the kapnicator fitting stages and kapnometr using instructions.

Medical Science Doctor and Docent – Alexandra G. Davidavičienė.

          Zarubina Nina Aleksandrovna, 53 years old, profession – therapeutist.
         For more than 5 years I have been suffering from chest pain and had had angina-like pain with radiation into the inside of the left arm. It usually occurred on exertion and disappeared at rest and taking of vasodilator drugs.
          Other symptoms were of giddiness,episodic shortness of breath. Blood pressure was 160 and 100. Remedies helped but gave a short relief.
          I became suspect of some serious cardiovascular disease and went to hospital for investigation. So were the results:
          – Physical examination except for the blood pressure was totally unrevealing.
          – Laboratory findings were normal; results of a chest x-ray film examination and blood tests were’t indicative of disease.
        – Blood gas analysis was normal but PaCO2 had been on low level – 36 mm Hg. It is considered to be admissible, but to that time I had known about cosmic health, so I took note of this fact.

           After all I bought the device. As I was reading the text-book about this method, I could notice that it had rather convincing explanation; so I decided to try.
          The test with kapnometer gave 4.2% of CO2 while norm is 6.5%. I begun normal training (20 minute a day). First results appeared after 3 weeks – it turned out that I can easily go upstairs without any rest as earlier. After 1.5 month I ceased taking of vasodilator drugs. After 4 months of training all symptoms had fully dissapeared !
          The last two years I am feeling quite healthy, blood pressure is normal for my age, the test with kapnometer gives about 6.2% of CO2. It is interesting that I had lost 12 kg after 5 months of training. Now I am breathing with kapnicator periodically to sustain health. It is remarkable invention and I am sure not drugs but such devices will prolong the human life in the future!